Treat Youself To An 'Instant' Lift

The New Year always finds people making a variety of resolutions - mainly ones which are intended to make us feel better about our looks. But before you dash to the gym or deny youself your favourite nibbles on this year's diet, you could treat yourself to an 'instant' lift for your face with wrinkle smoothing injections from Cosmetic Injections.

The company is run by Anne Norona, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. Just before Christmas Tracy from Cornwall and Devon Media took the plunge and visited Anne reatment to soften lines around her eyes and mouth.

Wanting to look her best for the party season Tracy was inspired to give the procedure a go for the first time. She said...

"Anne was lovely and the whole session was incredibly relaxing. It was not as painful as I imagined and the effects became apparent quite quickly. I will definitely consider more treatment when my current results wear off - after all I'm giving nature a helping hand to keep me looking and feeling young."

Tracy : Cornwall and Devon Media.

Product Review

Botox™ is a form of Botulinium Toxin Type A. After the first human trials in the 70's, it quickly became an accepted treatment for the medical correction of focal disorders. The start of the 1990's saw the first published report on the cosmetic use of Botox and over a decade after its inception, it has become one of the worlds favorite, non-surgical treatments in the war against aging.

Anne Norona, an experienced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, took the opportunity to train in this field and offers these treatments in Truro, Penzance and St Ives. Because of the growing interest in safe, non-surgical beauty procedures, Truro Local Living invited Anne into the office to share with us and our readers, the many positive effects of this product.

Botox™ is used to reduce troublesome frown lines and crows feet which it does by blocking the transmission of acetylcholine from the nerves to the muscle, effectively halting the muscles ability to contract or tense. Whilst it can take up to two weeks for the effects to become truly apparent, most people report an instant difference to their appearance. Anna talked us thorough the procedure, covering all our questions with patience and good humour! She explained exactly how Botox™ works, the possible downsides, (there are few) and exactly what we could expect post procedure. I instantly saw a difference in my forehead and apart from a slight and short lived feeling of numbness; I am extremely pleased with the results. Apart from the physiological impact of being unable to frown, I am aware that my appreance is now fresher & brighter than before. My colleague reported no discomfort during or after the procedure, loved the results and where previously would only have flirted with the idea, will now definitely consider using Botox again. The effects are thought to last between 4-6 months, the best news being that even after the acetylcholine production returns to normal and the muscles are able to contract freely again , the wrinkles may be less prominent after Botox™ because they are somewhat more 'trained' to be in a relaxed state.

"If you are interested in receiving this revolutionary beauty treatment, contact Anne Norona for the low down on how, what, when and where. I thoroughly believe this product can make a difference to your appearance and I really couldn't be happier with the results."